Badass. A good word. A good way to “be”. Over the years I have been called a badass many times. It seems a fitting badge of honor so I have decided to own it. So much so that I have trademarked “Badass Soul Seeking Warrior”™.

I am a Badass Soul Seeking Warrior™ and here is why:

I am fiercely loyal to my country, my faith, my family and my friends. I have the good sense and the courage to hurl myself out of my comfort zone and into places filled with surprise, discovery and growth. I am unwilling to compromise who I am for the comfort or approval of others. I am a student of the extraordinary and living the remarkable. I believe in limitless possibilities and that life is only as difficult as we make it. I believe that vulnerability is powerful and I have the audacity to “believe it before I see it.” My definition of authenticity is to show up fearless because this allows us the most important freedom of all; to be who we are. I am most comfortable in blue jeans and cowboy boots and I treasure the sanctity of my barn. My animals are my partners in seeking adventure and nature is my coach.

I am on a disruptive and uncompromising mission to inspire simple, joyful and abundant living. I want you to join me on this mission.We will tackle challenges with creativity because daring is an ART.

  • We will examine our lives; deeply and with curiosity.
  • We will look fear in the face and say, “NOT TODAY”.
  • We will be bold enough to ask for forgiveness and not for permission.
  • We will have fun… a lot of fun…and we will celebrate.

Be badass with me. Come be a warrior with me. Let’s get our boots dirty. Let’s get a little dirt on our face. Let’s be gritty and grateful and dazzling. Along the way we will soulfully and forever seek the unusual. We will learn that all that we have is enough. We will find joy in each moment and we will come to know that there is great abundance in the world. We will create a life where gracious meets breathtaking and unmitigated badassery abounds! Meet Me At The Barn.