A Good Word.
A Good Way To ‘Be’.

Annie M. Fonte

Entrepreneur, Inventor, Artist, Consultant, Speaker, Mentor and all around Badass

Annie M. Fonte comes from humble beginnings. Raised on the plains of Northeastern Colorado, she started out as a dirt farmer, kicked up some dust as an athlete, and got gritty in the business world. Annie has over two decades of entrepreneurial endeavors under her belt, each with the same intrigue, suspense, adventure and twists and turns that make up great novels. Her personal experiences are equally captivating. As a result, Annie has a way of connecting and engaging her audiences. She tells stories that excite, energize and inspire. Annie is generous about sharing information that helps others realize that simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication.

Annie M. Fonte is a Harvard-educated MBA with multiple successful businesses to her credit and who truly lives the life of her dreams. Annie, as a thought leader has designed a practical self-mastery program intended to help people of purpose achieve their highest level of living. She has produced live and online courses that take people through a year-long process of living an authentic life and discovering and pursuing their true selves and curiosities. This matters because when existence and essence merge, you can be in the world according to your true self, forming the very core of self-fulfillment.

Annie believes it is not a question of whether you will be confronted with trials in life, but of who you will choose to be in the face of those trials. After watching her house burn to the ground, ending a 15-year relationship and finding herself involved as the plaintiff in a complex lawsuit Annie decided she was going to change the way she lived from that point forward. And she did. It is Annie’s desire to be the kind of speaker, leader, and facilitator that when she is done talking, the audience sits in silence to watch the credits roll. Nobody wants to get up out of respect for what they just experienced.