Annie has shown numerous women how to Live & Lead With Intention.

Learn how her program has transformed their lives below.

Thank You, Annie, For the Gifts You’ve Given Me

“As a child, we learn to walk, and as life unfolds, we become excellent runners. Women Who Live & Lead With Intention has inspired me to “Be Still” and cease the race. I have learned to search my heart and soul for who I truly am and have created time and space each morning to listen to what they are saying. Inspired by the shared sessions in The Barn, I have chosen to surrender my running shoes, embrace my life, focus on learning to walk once again, and make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you, Annie, for the gifts you have given me.”

Robyn P.
Owner, RAP Financial Services

When Was The Last Time You Spent a Day a Month on YOU?

Women Who Live & Lead With Intention taught me to “be” in my life. I recognized an exciting, inspiring, passionate, peaceful, fulfilled, and satisfying way of being. Taking this class was a gift. It was a life-changing experience that positively enhanced all areas of my life. What I gained from the program affects my personal and professional life each day optimistically. This is my question to you: When was the last time you spent one day a month on you?”

Kate G.
Owner of a Healthcare Company

I Wouldn’t Trade This Journey For Anything!

LIFE, it’s so personal. Once you realize that, it changes everything. To listen, learn the lessons, feel the gratitude, create the life you want for yourself, and then live it is a gift you give yourself. Women Who Live & Lead With Intention challenges you to do just that. Thank you, Annie. I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything. I am forever grateful.

Helen D.
eBay Entrepreneur

I Learned More About Myself and What Matters To The True Me

Women Who Live & Lead With Intention was an inspirational experience. I never paused in my race in life with family and career to stop and reflect on life the way I did with Annie during the course. She leads you on a journey to truly understand your values and purpose in life. Annie teaches with great thought and fun expression. During the program, you discover, experience, and express your life creatively. The critical learning for me surrounded the conversations around living in the present. I found I neglected this most of my life by constantly planning the future or getting stuck in the past. You will also learn some beautiful lessons regarding Fear, Control, and your Ego that now truly make a difference in how I lead my life today. I can honestly say that I learned more about myself and what matters to the true me, not the image or expectations others have of me, than I could have imagined. It was a very liberating and inspiring experience. I highly recommend Annie’s program to anyone that wants to live a more purposeful and peaceful life.”

Terri G.
Marketing Executive & Board Member of Two Corporations

12 of the Best Months of My Life

Women Who Live & Lead With Intention was a wonderful experience with Annie (Chief Inspirational Officer) as the teacher/coach. I participated in this course with nine other women from all walks of life. Some were career women; others were mothers, daughters, and wives. I would have never met these remarkable women if I hadn’t taken the course.

This impactful program allowed me to slow down and reflect on the essential things in my life. It also reminded me to be grateful every day and stop and smell the roses. Life is short, so the class encouraged me to be more patient, understanding, thoughtful, caring, loving, curious, and to try new things. The program helped me do uncomfortable things worth forging through, as it was a real growth opportunity.

Women Who Live & Lead With Intention provided many challenges that apply to everyday life. It made me stop and think about different areas of my life, including career, family, friends, finances, and faith. My most memorable moment was the recommendation to reach out to someone from my past. I contacted my first boss in the mortgage business. It took him several months to get back to me. He had moved, so my letter took a while to catch up to him. Getting in touch allowed me to reconnect with a very influential person in my life who I admire tremendously.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to grow and experience new thought processes that will help you to evolve to your best self. Anyone could benefit from this class. It was 12 of the best months of my life.”

Margaret M.
Finance Specialist