Women Who Live & Lead With Intention — Frequently Asked Questions2022-03-10T16:18:13-08:00


Women Who Live & Lead With Intention

How does the Year-Long course work?2022-03-10T16:09:23-08:00
  • We will gather one day a month from 9:00 am – 4 pm at a private barn.  The day is set to be the same each month, for example, the second Friday of each month.
  • Women Who Live & Lead With Intention is based on 10 Intentions presented in a specific order.  Over the 12 months, we will concentrate on personal and professional enrichment and mastery of each of these principles.   Please click here to learn more about the 10 Intentions.  (Link to https://anniemfonte.com/lead-with-intention/about-the-program/)
  • Before each gathering, you download and print out the program workbook pages associated with the Intention for the session.  You will complete the questions, processes, and project and come prepared to participate in each meeting fully.
  • You can expect to spend 1-2 hours per week on the coursework and projects.
  • You will have access to the workbook pages at least three weeks before each monthly gathering via email
  • You will have access to the material and downloads throughout the entire course.
Is there a time requirement for completing coursework and projects?2022-03-10T16:09:47-08:00
  • The program is designed to give you plenty of time to do coursework and projects.  To gain the most benefit from the program, we recommended staying current on all the “soul work” throughout the course.
  • You will have access to videos and downloads throughout the course.
  • If you are unable or unwilling to commit at least 1 hour per week to yourself and this journey, then this is not the time for you to participate.  The course is offered at least four times per year.
Is there a supply list for the course?2022-03-10T16:10:11-08:00

No, all the supplies you will need are included in your investment in the program.

What is my investment?2022-03-21T08:31:33-07:00

The investment for the program is as follows:

  • One time outlay of $12,000
  • Six-time investment of $2000 each
  • 12-time investment of $1000 each
  • The focus of this program is on authentic leadership, effective team-building, stress management, and personal development.  I recommend that companies invest in their C-Suite female executives and upper management to participate in this program as a benefit.  The return on investment is far-reaching, leading to enhanced mental wellness and leadership skills throughout the organization.
What if I know other female executives who would benefit from this program?2022-03-10T16:10:49-08:00
  • Great.  Please invite any of your female peers to contact me for an informative conversation to assist them in determining if the program is a good fit.
  • The discussions and discoveries among the participants during each session are robust.  The group’s learning, development, and support are essential to impactful change.
  • Each person must register separately.
Is the course for women only?2022-03-10T16:11:15-08:00
  • Yes.  I believe that women-only leadership programs reveal valuable insights into the day-to-day environment in which they operate.  The participants and the companies they represent can use programs like Women Who Live & Lead With Intention to improve their skills and improve the workplace itself.
  • The program is limited to a group size of 10 women.  The limited number of participants ensures that each person gets the one-on-one coaching and support they need and deserve.
  • The sessions are held in a peaceful and safe environment that promotes honest, mindful, and supportive dialogue and interaction.
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