Annie M. Fonte

Entrepreneur, Inventor, Artist, Consultant, Speaker, Mentor and all around Badass

Annie holds a B.S. in Business Administration. After spending six years in banking and commercial real estate working throughout the United States, Annie received her M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Following graduation, she worked with the founders of TheraTx, Inc., a nationwide health care company.  Leaving corporate America for good, Annie joined Kate Grace Physical Therapy as a co-owner of the private practice sports and orthopedic clinic in San Diego, California.

Additionally,  Annie co-founded OrthoRx, Inc., a medical product development and research organization. She was instrumental in the development and patenting of the OnTrack® treatment method for the most common knee disorder in the world, patellofemoral dysfunction. She created and managed the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of the product. Annie recruited, trained, and managed a nationwide sales force consisting of over 150 independent OrthoRx representatives located in 39 states.

Annie went on to co-found OrthoEd, an international continuing education provider. The purpose of this company is to teach medical professionals throughout the world how to make available state-of-the-art medical treatment for the millions of people who suffer from patellofemoral dysfunction. Annie and Kate have provided hundreds of educational seminars to thousands of medical providers throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

In 2002, Annie co-founded Snap-Saver, LLC, with two partners. Snap-Saver formed to manufacture, market, and sell an innovative new line of food storage containers. Snap-Saver began offering its No-Brainer Container™ product line to retailers across the country while utilizing home shopping and short-form direct response television to create brand recognition. The “No-Brainer Container” design was recognized by Home World Business magazine and the International Housewares Association as the Housewares Design Award “Best in Category” for all Countertop Kitchenware. Snap-Saver also received recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the “Hot New Products”.  Snap Saver licensed it’s patented technology to NewellRubbermaid and sells throughout the United States under the branded name “Easy Find Lids.”

Kate Grace Physical Therapy has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Women-Owned Businesses in San Diego, and Annie was nominated as one of the Top 100 Women Who Mean Business in San Diego.

Additionally,  Annie is the creator of Women Who Live & Lead With Intention, a leadership and personal development program designed to help women achieve their highest level of stress-free living and leading.  Throughout the year-long program, Women Who Live & Lead With Intention, Annie encourages rigorous and honest conversations that are challenging, compassionate, authentic, and vulnerable, supporting the participants as they evolve in their personal lives and their roles as leaders.

Annie’s most recent undertaking is her book, Keep Your Ass In The Saddle.  In this personal memoir, she tells the truth about her upbringing and inspiring journey to personal freedom.  You can learn more about the book on Amazon.