Authentic Leadership &
A Life You Love


Female C-suite executives and upper management executives are also moms, daughters, wives, partners, leaders, and doers. The responsibility of each of these roles can easily be blurred when we don’t have a clear vision for them.

Annie uses values and experienced-based facilitation methods that provide women leaders a safe place to grow and learn. Throughout the year-long program, Women Who Live & Lead With Intention, Annie encourages rigorous and honest conversations that are challenging, compassionate, authentic, and vulnerable, supporting the participants as they evolve in their personal lives and their roles as leaders.

Now more than ever, it is essential that women “put their oxygen masks on first.” Effective leadership requires self-awareness. As women and leaders, we have to figure out what influences our behavior before guiding and inspiring others.

The most critical responsibility of female leaders is to take care of themselves. Women Who Live & Lead With Intention is designed to contribute to a deeper and more full understanding of the most critical challenges and opportunities we face as leaders. Throughout this program, Annie assists women in creating a life they love so that they can maximize the potential of their teams without compromising the well-being of people or company culture.

Become a Brave BOLD Badass

The Brave BOLD Badass Community is a tribe of like-minded people from all over the world who are committed to creating a life that they love. We believe in living life to our highest potential. Through our dedication to values-based living, self-reflection, and self-awareness, we will wholeheartedly meet ourselves where we are and hold space for our personal growth and evolution.

I Help Women Create Lives They Love

All it takes is willingness to live with intention and some good coaching and support along the way. If their part is done, my program delivers powerful results that yield happier, more effective leaders on your team. Contact me today to learn how my program can help your leadership team.