Here is the good news:  You can feel as bad or as good as you are willing to let yourself feel.  The not so good news:  Most people are so attached to their practiced resistance to feeling good that they wake up each morning and grab the “I am not good enough, I feel guilty, I don’t deserve, life is not fair” stick and beat themselves with it all day long.  And then, they wonder….really?

What you focus on flourishes.  If someone or something does not make you feel good then get away from them or it, quickly.  Why endure the less than?  If you choose to put up with people and things that don’t make you feel good, then you are NOT going to feel good.  You decide…If you want harmony in your life then you have to practice harmony.  You must insist on feeling good and then proceed to make the choices that make you feel good.  To the universe you are a treasured object and the universe is giving you blessed attention every moment of every day.  Pay attention, there are signs everywhere if you take the time to notice.  Quit saying or doing what you DON”T want and give yourself permission to flourish and have fun!  You can have it all…you really can…practice feeling good and see what happens.  Life is a magic carpet ride, jump on and enjoy the journey…it is an excellent choice!