Day 13 – March Theme: Vision

What is your vision for the week?
How do you want things to go?
Who are you going to call?
Where are you going to go?
What is your plan?
Like anything else you have a leading role in determining how your days go which will determine how the week unfolds.
I recommend that if you have a TO-DO List for the week, put the shit sandwich on the top of the list. Get the thing you least want to do out of the way. Do procrastinate. Get into action and handle those pesky items so you can get to the good stuff.
Prioritize what is important to you. Schedule your workouts, your quiet time, and your date night. If something or someone is important to you make time for it and them. Otherwise, you will make excuses and you will experience the same week over and over again.
So, my friend, have a kick-ass week!