View Every Experience As A Gift

I have created 10 Lines In The Sand that I use as guideposts for how I live my life. Line Three is: View Every Experience as a Gift. Yes, no matter how shitty an experience may be, within it lies a gift. A handful of years ago, four things happened all at the same time. My dad died, my house burned to the ground, the 12-year relationship that I was in went up in flames, and one of the companies that I was a co-founder of was the plaintiff in a complicated lawsuit. When the dust settled from these events, I came to know the gift in each occurrence. I learned so much about myself and others and love and loss and being present and acceptance—all which changed my life in surprising ways.

The Gifts of Our Current Time

The way I see it is that we are in current time experiencing a pinnacle of opportunity. The world is maneuvering through unprecedented times, and now is the perfect opportunity to live in the question, “What is the gift?” For me, I get to observe myself and my emotions as the hours and days bring ever-changing news. I get to sit quietly and be grateful for all that I have-especially my health. I get to trust that this, too, shall pass and that the future will unfold with abundance and prospect. I am learning what is truly important in my daily living, knowing that all that I have is enough. I am confirming that fear and panic don’t make situations better, but prayer and love do.  And, everyone in the world is in on this shared experience.  How cool is that?

How lucky am I? What is the gift(s) for you?

Stay true and be you —


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