Renewal – Day 11

What if all the things happening in your life right now, the changes, the challenges, the rough days, lead to something more beautiful than you can envision?
What if it turns out better than you could ever have imagined?
You see, I think sometimes one gets so accustomed to things not working out or life being a struggle that one doesn’t make room for abundance or possibility or ease.  Acceptance of the struggle becomes a habit.  The habit informs the decision we make, and the decisions we make give rise to the actions we take.  As strange as it might sound, we get comfortable with the strife and are afraid to believe that things could be different.
So what is the way out of this?  Well, I believe we have to change our physical state.  Do a cold plunge, go for a run or vigorous walk, do breathwork, or take a different route to work.  You have to snap out of your stupor.  Then, create a compelling future for yourself.  What do you want?  How do you want to feel?  How does that look?  Next, commit to doing one thing daily to get you to your vision.  You must take action.  Thinking about it won’t make a difference until you engage in inspired action.
Start reading books, watching videos, and listening to podcasts of people who have accomplished what you want for yourself.  Success leaves clues.  Learn from these folks.  Be coachable.  Thousands of resources are available to you, and most are free.
You must participate in your rescue.  It is not up to anyone else.  This is your journey.  Get going.