I Have Created Something Special For You!


Live & Lead Authentically
Weekend Workshop


Private Barn
Rancho Santa Fe


On the third Fri. of each month,

2 pm – 6 pm and

On the third Sat. of each month,

9 am – 5 pm


It is Time to Start Living
a Life You Love.


We will spend 12 intentional hours together determining what it means for us to Live & Lead Authentically. By Saturday afternoon, you will:

  • Identify how you are currently spending your time in nine areas of your life, and then you will decide how you will ideally spend your time in each of the domains.
  • Determine your Top 3 Values and learn how to employ these values in making life choices that bring you joy, peace, and contentment.
  • Describe and embrace what makes you authentic.
  • Reflect on the people, places, things, and situations in your life that have influenced your beliefs and actions. You will let go of all that you are allowing to keep you stuck and not fully thriving in your life.
  • Look at the relationships in your life (Self, Family, Friends, Spouse/Parnter, Vocation, Finances) and resolve what steps you will take to ensure that each is authentic, healthy, and supportive of your values.
  • Clearly define what you want in your life.
  • Acquire valuable and immediately implementable leadership skills.


The investment in the workshop is only $479.  As a female leader or business owner, you can expense the costs of this workshop.  Those employed by an organization that provides benefits for continuing education receive a certificate of completion.  Space is limited so that each participant gets quality one-on-one coaching and facilitation.

Included in the Workshop:

  • A healthy Saturday lunch
  • A digital copy of the weekend workbook
  • A signed copy of my book Keep Your Ass In The Saddle
  • A 30-minute in-person or Zoom workshop follow-up session with me
  • A $479 credit toward the year-long Women Who Live & Lead With Intention program
  • A secluded and peaceful environment

I invite you to spend 12 hours with me on Friday and Saturday.

Give yourself the gift of time in a peaceful environment where you focus on yourself. As a female leader, you have many demands on your time. You are also a mom, daughter, wife, partner, leader, or doer. The responsibility of each of these roles can easily be blurred when we don’t have a clear vision for them.

Now more than ever, it is essential that women “put their oxygen masks on first.”  In my observation and experience, we must start with authenticity to do this. Authenticity is about truth, and truth leads to FREEDOM.

At any given moment, you can reinvent your destiny. Your destiny reveals itself according to the choices you make. It is my wish that you dare to look inside yourself. That is where the awaking starts. Reclaim your joy and zest for life. Be yourself. Step into your mastery.   Know that the potential for extraordinary abundance and lasting fulfillment lies within you. Don’t wait. No more excuses. Start your journey today.


Either text or call me at 858-245-5200 to guarantee your spot in this life-changing weekend workshop.  Space is limited to 10 women per workshop.  If you know a woman who would like to take advantage of this unique offer, please pass this information on to them. 

I can’t wait to spend time with you!

I Help Women Create Lives They Love

All it takes is willingness to live with intention and some good coaching and support along the way. If their part is done, my program delivers powerful results that yield happier, more effective leaders on your team. Contact me today to learn how my program can help your leadership team.