Week 1:

Week 1 of The Fourth Quarter is now under our belt.  Here is a summary.

Day 1:  Introduction and framework

Declare a Personal Vision:  This is a statement of what you desire for yourself as you step into 2020.  What do you want your life to feel like and look like in the New Year?  Be specific about this.  For example:  I will have achieved my optimal health and fitness goals by committing to 30 minutes of physical activity each day and an eating plan that is plant based.  And, I will inspire those around me to achieve their optimal health and fitness goals.

Declare a Theme:  What will your theme for the month be?  Mine is to learn.  This allows me to learn something new each day.  I get to reserach topics that I don’t know about and then share them with others.  It is challenging and stimulating and others get to share in my learning.  What will your theme be?

Declare you Top 3 Priorities:  Each day you will decide what three things are important for you to get done that day.  List these and then take the steps to making sure they get done.  Doing this will allow you to accomplish what needs to be done and be productive.  It is time to get things that you have been procastinating done.

Say Thank You:  Each day you will list at least three things that you are grateful for in your day.  Recognizing and acknowledging all that you have in your life is essential.  And, it is impossible to be in the state of gratitude and the state of worry or stress or fear at the same time.  Stay grateful.

Create & Cut:  You will decide on one habit that you will create during the month or The Fourth Quarter and one habit that you will cut, because it is no longer serving you.

AM/PM:  You will choose one thing that you will do each morning and one thing that you will do each evening that will enhance your well being.  Examples of AM are getting up 15-30 minutes earlier than normal so that you can use this time to read or meditate.  Or, you will prepare a healthy breakfast for yourself each day instead of skipping the meal.  Examples of PM are to stop watching TV and using your cell phone one hour prior to going to sleep.  Or, listening to soothing music prior to sleep to allow your body to slow down and get healthy rest.

64 Oz. of Water:  That’s right, you will commit to drinking at least 64 oz. of water each day.  This helps to hydrate your body and all of your vital organs.  Our bodies are composed of 60% water so it is important to replenish this essential element each day.  Water helps to lubricate joints, deliver oxygen thoughout the body, and it boosts skin health and beauty.  Our digestive systems depend on it and it helps to flush toxins from our system.  So, drink up.

In addition to these daily 3-3-1-1-H2O routines we will layer other useful practices on top to enhance our daily living.  This is what we did this week:

Day 2:  Leave every person or situation better than you found them/it.

Day 3:  Delegate something that you are currently doing to someone else.

Day 4:  Treat yourself the same way that you would treat someone that you care for deeply.

Day 5 and 6:  Rest and rejuvinate

To see the videos for each of these days go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/520101252090718/ and get caught up.  If you want to be a part of the private Facebook Group as to join.

Final Thoughts:  Look my friends your life looks and feels like it does because of the choices you have made up to this point.  If you want a more abundant, more peaceful, more content, adventurous and exciting life, then you will need to start making some better choices.  This is up to you!  Your life is your responsibility, NO ONE elses.  Don’t wait to get started.  You have exactly 83 days left of 2019 and 83 days left to the start of a brand new decade.  How are you going to start 2020?

Stay true and be you —


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