See this door? My wish is that you walk through it to a New Year filled with courage, excitement, and intention.
Leave the past in the rearview mirror where it belongs.
Don’t let the limitations of your imagination keep you from embracing the unlimited possibilities that lie before you.
Be brave enough to be yourself.
Spend more time in Nature and less time in front of a screen.
Have as much compassion for yourself as you do for others.
Stop comparing yourself to others; instead, become your best self.
Walk away from people, places, and things that steal your peace.
Honor your gut. It offers the truest of truth.
Play more, worry less.
Strive to do right, not be right.
Let go of all of the shit that doesn’t serve you.
Speak the truth.
Stay in your lane.
Act as if…
Choose happiness because it is a choice.
Instead of “Why Me?”, ask Why the Fuck Not.
Appreciate that every day is a new opportunity to create a life you love.
This year will be all that you allow it to be.
Permit yourself to heal, thrive, trust and have a kickass year.
Love you,