November Theme: Truth Day 9 – The Truth About Regenerative Farming.
Meet Will Harris, a fourth-generation cattleman, and farmer. He owns White Oak Pastures, a family farm using regenerative agriculture and humane animal husbandry practices.
In 1995 Will transitioned from industrial agriculture techniques and began operating his farm as a living ecosystem. On the farm, they raise 10 species of humanely treated animals living in symbiotic relationships with each other.
White Oak is a Zero-Waste farm. The meats and poultry raised on the farm are processed in the family-owned meat packing facility and sold to consumers who care about animals, land, and the community.
Will is a slow-talking southern fella who shares a wealth of knowledge about traditional farming vs. industrial farming. He tells the truth about Bill Gates’s ownership of farmland in the United States, the effects of farming and cattle on the environment, climate change, why lab-grown meat is bad, and what each of us can do to better understand how regenerative farming works.
Here is the link to his recent podcast with Joe Rogen. I hope you will take the time to listen to this conversation. It is not only educational, but it is also important.
Visit the website at
You will be amazed at what this man, his family, and his team have created.