November Theme: TRUTH – Day 7 Relationships
For years I was in a relationship I knew I should not be in; it was toxic and lacked integrity. It wasn’t until my dad died that I understood that my feelings of unworthiness were untrue. I had piled on years of reasons as to why I was undeserving of endearing love and affection. After climbing out of a very deep hole of not being good enough and shame, I came to these conclusions:
1. I had to understand and commit to self-love.
2. I had to do a deep dive into my beliefs.
3. I had to identify and declare my values.
In this episode, I read an excerpt from my book Keep Your Ass In The Saddle.
I share my thoughts about what it takes to get to a place where we are ready to enter into a romantic relationship with another person. I hope you get something out of my experience.
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