I read a lot because I enjoy it and I love to learn.  A few days ago, I came across an article on Bustle.  Bustle is a hip website with trendy information about wellness, fashion, entertainment, and current events.  The piece I came upon is titled 15 Traits Of People Who Are Effortlessly Cool.

I was curious about what it takes to be ‘cool.’  So I read on, and here is what I found out:

  1. Cool People Put Everyone At Ease.  Experts say that cool people are present, focused, and interested in those around them.  They listen and do their best to understand, and as a result, they help others feel seen and understood.
  2. They Bring Their Own Energy. They are not concerned with matching the energy of others.  Instead, they are confident in themselves and don’t mind risking being different and remaining authentic.
  3. They Don’t Apologize For Being Themselves. Cool people radically accept themselves.  This means they are willing to stay true to themselves without knowing how others will receive them.  They don’t compare themselves to others and permit themselves to be genuine.
  4. They’re Independent. Cool people do their own thing and boldly pursue the life they want.  Being unique and different is comfortable for them.
  5. They Are Rarely Fazed. Cool people roll with the punches regardless of what might come their way.  They see the big picture and choose to see the good in things.
  6. They Aren’t Afraid To Try New Things. Cool people take the time to assess situations before overreacting or giving up.  They seem to be more capable than others, even if they’re not.  They are not afraid to try a new recipe, learn a new language, or take on a new hobby.  Cool people figure it out.
  7. They Don’t Try To Impress Anyone. Cool people do things because they are genuinely interested, not because they think it will make them look cool.
  8. They Have A Natural Swagger. These folks are not concerned with what others are saying or thinking.  It comes down to self-confidence.  Cool people stand differently, enter rooms differently, and mingle easily.
  9. They Have Hobbies They Care About. Whether drawing, knitting, collecting crosses, or running marathons, cool people are always looking to learn something new.
  10. They Aren’t Judgmental. Cool people embrace their quirks, so they have an easier time embracing the quirks and shortcomings of others.
  11. They Make Even The Most Mundane Moments Fun. Your coolest friends are the ones who are jumping into lakes, dragging you into bookstores, and making a fun game out of doing laundry and pulling weeds.
  12. They’re Down For Deep Convos. They are willing to talk about what is on their minds, and they don’t mind diving deeper than surface-level in conversations.
  13. They Are Always Learning. “The most fascinating people are those who are fascinated,” suggest one expert.  “They are curious and interested in other people and in things they are learning and discovering”.  If you want to be cool, be engaged.
  14. They Look For Ways To Connect. Cool people want to know everyone in the room.  They want to learn from these people.  They also look for ways to improve the lives of those around them.
  15. They’re Authentic. One of the big takeaways of coolness is its foundation in authenticity.  Cool people do not try to be anyone but exactly who they are.


So, how cool are you?  If I gave you a point for each of the 15 Traits Of Cool People you possess, what would your score be?