How often do you celebrate the “In Between Times?”
Many of us ‘celebrated’ Easter or Passover a few days ago. Some of us attended church, and others joined kids or grandkids for an Easter egg hunt. Others got together with friends for brunch. Maybe you took a walk in Nature or nurtured your garden. Regardless, we celebrated.
We do this on holidays, birthdays, weddings, retirements, new jobs, new houses, etc. But how often do you celebrate all the life that happens in between these occasions?
Today and for those that lie ahead, I invite you to join me in making merry the little things. You know the ones…
Your health
Your family
The sunrise and sunset
The perfect parking spot
That first sip of coffee
The laughter of children
The Wisdom of the Elderly
A good night’s sleep
The change of season
A full tank of gas
The smell of bread baking
A hug from a friend or loved one
A candlelight dinner
A good book…
Keep Your Ass in the Saddle, my friend.