Tara Butcher’s life changed forever on her drive home from a night out with her friends.  Her story is a testament to her unflinching dedication and determination to live a life that she loves.  A ten-day medically induced coma, hours of surgery, and the amputation of her left leg are only a few of the challenges that Tara had to overcome.  This is Tara’s account of how she chose to view a life-threatening accident as a gift.  This beautiful young woman generously shares sage advice about choosing happiness and the wisdom of living authentically.

Tara Butcher take-aways:

  • 1:00 Start
  • 4:37  My life changing event
  • 5:18  A car going 72 MPH hit me
  • 5:56  My 10-day medically induced coma
  • 6:45  My injuries
  • 7:30  Waking up from the coma
  • 8:45  My amazing medical team
  • 10:10  The day I told my social worker to get out of my room
  • 11:54 needs edited
  • 12:22  8-weeks in the hospital surrounded by love
  • 13:14 – 13:18  needs edited
  • 13:47  What I learned about myself
  • 14:43  The gift in this experience
  • 16:25 Learning to walk again and other milestones
  • 18:57  I ran in the NYC marathon
  • 20:50  I got hooked on becoming an athlete
  • 21:28  I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • 24:00  At the top of the mountain above the clouds
  • 26:43  I was done proving myself and instead chose happiness
  • 30:22  My biggest fear and how I manage it.
  • 32:00  The best advice I have ever gotten
  • 33:50  Challenged Athletes Foundation
  • 37:45  My trip back to Tanzania & Rwanda
  • 41:50  My advice on how to create a life that you love
  • 43:02  What makes me a Badass
  • 43:53  Some of my favorite things

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