Books I Read This Summer

After a long day at the office, I like to sit with a glass of wine and read.  Of course, I listen to some news first to stay up to speed on what is happening in the world.  Albeit, the news isn’t very encouraging these days, but that’s another conversation.  I find it an excellent way to slow down, ease into the evening, and prepare for a good night’s sleep.  Most weekends, I am busy until mid-afternoon, taking care of my garden and ensuring things are in good order at my barn and around the house.  And then, I read.  I take the afternoon, settle in with a good book, and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Here is a list of the books I have read this summer.  I have provided links to Amazon so you can look and see if you would like to read them too.

  1.  The Housemaid by Freida McFadden
  2.  The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen
  3.  Seasons Out of Time by Kimberly Wenzler
  4.  Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica
  5.  The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett by Annie Lyons
  6.  Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Finney Boylan
  7.  From Strength to Strength by Arthur C. Brooks
  8.  The Kindred Project: a collaborative collection of poetry and prose by J. Raymond
  9.  Witness to a Prosecution:  The Myth of Michael Milken by Richard Sandler
  10.   Twenty Years Later by Charlie Donlea

Each book held unexpected twists and turns that kept me engaged and not wanting to put the book down.  A few carried a tender message, while one gave specific tips on finding success, happiness, and profound purpose in life.  I trust that if you choose to read any of these books, you will enjoy them as much as I did.  And, if you have any suggested reads for me, please let me know because I love to read!