Enjoy Each Day

I hear it more often than I would like.  People wish time away.  I know that 2020 was not a banner year in many ways, yet it held many gifts.  I have heard so many people say that they want the holidays to come and go for this year to be over.  They are done with it.  They are tired of being “stuck at home,” they are suffering from “Zoom fatigue”, homeschooling their kids is ridiculously hard.  I believe all of this to be true; however, why wish time away?  Why are we not choosing to savor the time we have?  Life is short enough without speeding up the clock.

I found 2020 to be revealing in so many ways.  I believe that a worldwide pandemic opened the kimono on the unattractive yet truth that where the planet, our country, and we as individuals were/are dysfunctional.   The forced timeout required us to face for perhaps the first time in a long time or maybe even for the first time in our lives where we were/are not free.  It showed us where we hold resistance or where we are stuck.  And instead of being aware of that and sitting with it, we got impatient and uncomfortable, and then we decided we wanted to blame disease on our struggles.

Life Doesn’t Suck

Because we were taken by surprise and somewhat unequipped to handle such ‘in your face’ revelations, some turned to proclaim that many things sucked.  It sucked to be forced to work from home.  It sucked not to be able to go out to dinner.  It sucked not to be able to socialize.  It sucked not to travel.  It sucked not to see family and friends for the holidays.  No, none of these things suck.  Here’s what sucks, your perception of these things.  If you decide that you are going to give the meaning of ‘suck’ to these events, then guess what, you will experience suck.  Instead, I invite you to consider what is good about these things.  Focus on the gift, because when we view every experience as a gift we start to be gracious in our living and the world could use some of that right now.

Stay true and be you —


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