Stop The Negative Self-Talk

Would you talk to someone you cared about the same way that you talk to yourself? I doubt it, and if you did, you likely wouldn’t have that person in your life for long. I hear people demean themselves every day. It has become a habit for them, a bad habit. It’s like smoking, but worse.

Your Words Matter

What you say to yourself about yourself has an impact. After all, a belief is a thought that you keep on thinking. Therefore, if you are consistent in negative self-talk, you are well on your way to inventing a person who reflects your inner thoughts. I am guessing that the overweight, stupid, lousy luck magnet, life isn’t fair, no one will ever love me beast you have
conjured up in your mind is not the person you are nor who you want to be.

Love Yourself

The way I see it, negative self-talk is a cop-out. It is an excuse to show up small and for not taking full responsibility for your life. Condescending conversations with yourself don’t serve you, they limit you and prevent you from creating an experience that you love.  What we say matters. It makes a difference in how we behave. Bashing our authenticity is not funny, it’s fatiguing. Every day, all day long you have a choice. You get to decide the meaning that you are going to give to everything in your life. I invite you to choose downstream thoughts. There are ease and flow to going downstream versus fighting the current and paddling upstream. The shift from non-productive thinking to constructive discernment is going to take some practice. Your current deleterious thinking has hardwired your brain to imagine your life as dangerous and undesirable. Bryan McGill once said, “The secret to permanently breaking a bad habit is to love something greater than the habit.” That makes good sense to me, and I suggest that the thing you love more significantly than your pessimistic thinking habit is yourself. Start treating yourself like you would treat someone for whom you care deeply. Begin talking to yourself the way you would speak to someone that you hold in high esteem and honor.

Instead of saying ‘I hate my body,’ look in the mirror and say, ‘not bad.’
Instead of saying ‘I give up,’ say, ‘I can’t wait to see what happens next.’
Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to your Best Self.
Instead of saying ‘I am so stupid, say, ‘I love all of my quirks that make me unique.’

Evict The Saboteur

It’s time. It’s high time that you evict the belittling saboteur who has been an unhelpful tenant in your mind for far too long. Make room for your higher self who loves and admires you. Let them move in and unpack. And may all your conversations be supportive, inspiring, fun, and uplifting.

Stay true and be you —


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