It is paradoxical and yet it is true.  When you empty your head of needing, wanting, or desiring more and accept that all you have is all you need, then abundance shows up in your life.  As humans we are conditioned to “think” that if only we could have this or that, life will be better.  That new car, outfit, job, boyfriend, girlfriend or endless other material items will make you happy.  When in fact happiness is a choice.  Do you want to be happy? Then decide to be happy!  Wanting things outside of yourself is fear based. You become a stranger to your true essence when you allow the ego to orchestrate your daily living.  This ego character can appear to be quite charming and very often convincing.  However the ego thrives when playing on your fears, persuading you that there is a lacking in your life and influencing you that you are not enough.  Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.  Run on Empty.  Empty yourself of needing or wanting and create the space for the unlimited abundance that is available to you.  And, when it shows up recognize it and accept it with graciousness.  Abundance is like a butterfly…if you chase it or grasp for it, it becomes illusive, If you leave it be it will come to settle on your shoulder.