Day 16 – Respect

Respect the things that ‘didn’t work out for you.’
We have all had those times when things didn’t go how we wanted them to or how we thought they should go.
In the short run, it can be heartbreaking and scary. It might shake you to your core, and you may be overcome with emotions.
In my experience, two things happen. In the long run, you discover that things didn’t work out because God had better things in store for you. You can look back, make sense of it all, and appreciate that the ‘not working out part’ was a blessing.
Or you learn to ‘live with it.’ You may not get over it or move on; you learn to be with it. It becomes part of the rich fibers that make you who you are. It offers you the chance to evolve, grow, and become more robust than the day before.
Most of the time, things do fall into place. And when they don’t, maybe they weren’t supposed to…