Note to self, yes, you.  The pretty one.  The one with the crooked smile and infectious laugh.  You can be happy.  Choose it.  Love your body and take good care of it, it is the only one you have.  Stop comparing yourself to “them”.  Who are they anyway?  Embrace your quirks, your cracks and especially your flaws.  Those things make you, you.  Be gracious.  With yourself first and then with all the others.  Welcome the struggles, without them life would be less exciting and you wouldn’t be so strong.  Be yourself, everyone else is taken.  Do something you love to do; everyday.  Surround yourself with people who honor you.  Get rid of anyone who doesn’t.  You are creative.  Make art.  Forgive yourself and others.  This will provide you with one of life’s great freedoms; peace.  You are good enough, otherwise the Universe would not have created you.  Enjoy your days.  The average person only gets about 28,000 of them.  Life isn’t that hard.  Don’t complicate it.  It is your responsibility, no one else’s, to create the life you want to live.  So get after it.  Oh, and one last thing; LOVE YOURSELF.  It is a must!