How often do you sit down and enjoy your meal without distraction?

Here are a few of my observations:
* Most people are doing something else while eating their food. Reading, watching TV, scrolling through their phone/tablet, working, in a meeting, etc.
* Many people eat from take-out containers or brown bags.
* A lot of people don’t chew their food enough.
* Some drink too much water/soda/iced tea or other beverage while eating.
* There are those who eat while standing or driving.
Today’s challenge is to be Radically Present when eating.
Pick a meal to practice presence.
Use a cloth napkin, set the table with a placemat/tablecloth, real dishes, real flatware, and glassware.
Create a centerpiece or light a candle.
Plate your food in an appetizing way.
Turn all devices and TVs off.
Say grace.
Chew your food and savor the taste.
Slow down. Put your fork or spoon down in between bites.
Limit the volume of fluids you drink while eating; it slows the digestive process down.
Enjoy your meal. It can be a sacred process if we let it be.