Talia is the founder and owner of Quest Studio.
Over the past decade, Talia’s passion for preventative healthcare has motivated her to work with an array of different populations, including cardiac rehab, gastric bypass, pediatric weight management, group exercise, personal training, posture rehab, yoga, wellness coaching, corporate fitness, athletes, supplementation, veterans, and much more! She strives daily to take her and others’ health and fitness to the next level.

Talia has loved music and began playing violin and singing at age 7. She performed as lead singer with local bands, including Tin Pan Alley, Daddy-O & the Sax Maniax, Take 5, Electric City Groove, and Essence, and continues to sing for worship at her church, weddings, and special events. She released her first CD in December 2018.

Finally, if you are looking for an inspiring speaker, put Talia on your list. Here is the link to her talk at the Empower Conference a few years ago.