Heaven got one hell of a horse today.  Named after the cowboy who once owned him, McCourt found a quiet corner early Saturday morning, gently laid down and left us.

heaven got one hell of a horse todayHe was a stoic kind of guy until you put him under a saddle and then he became a machine.  He had a deep voice and wasn’t afraid to use it, especially when he was hungry.  He was attentive and fiercely protective.  I will miss this fella…a lot!

A horse will teach you a lot if you let them.  McCourt taught me about love.  Horses never lie about love.  When you give a horse what he needs he will give you his heart in return.  He taught me about courage….saddle up regardless of how scared you might be. He taught me to keep my ass in the saddle.  He showed me how to live life one precious moment at a time. And, in the end he taught me how to gracefully let go.  LOVE BIG…because you never know.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of their soul remains unawakened.”
-Anatole France