Never Give Up

Never give up on your desires.  Years ago I came across this bucolic community north of San Diego.  I used to go there to walk and drive around and look at the beautiful homes.  Then some friends moved there and I fell more in love with the area.  I so badly wanted to own property there so I went to all of the open houses I could.  I learned more about the community and became familiar with some of the folks who lived there.  Eventually, I found a darling guesthouse to rent and I felt like I had arrived.

For years I kept going to open houses and envisioning myself as a homeowner.  And then one day it happened.  You can learn more about this adventure in the video below.  My point in sharing this with you is to encourage you to stay focused and industrious and determined.  Because when you really desire to have something and the universe agrees, somehow, someway, it will happen.  You have to be an active participant in the manifestation of these desires.  It does require inspired action, intention, and a willingness to work.  That’s what makes it worthwhile.  To this day I pinch myself each day as a reminder that I am the steward of this magical piece of land in Southern California.  I am so happy here.  I am so grateful and so proud to have created this for myself.  So my friends, do not give up on your desires.

Stay true and be you —


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