Mother’s Day was proclaimed a national holiday in 1914 when Woodrow Wilson signed a declaration designating the second Sunday in May as a day to honor mothers.  Since then, there is no doubt that moms across America have experienced everything from breakfast in bed featuring burnt toast and cold coffee to a measly Mother’s Day card purchased the night before at 7-Eleven.

I have three boys; 2Sox, Chief, and Winston.  That’s right, the closest I have come to motherhood is my current brood of a really smart Australian Shepherd and two retired ranch horses so I was curious about what moms really want for Mother’s Day.  I did some research and after compiling the data I have come up with this top ten list:

  1. A Day All To Herself.  As much as moms love being moms, they also crave a day all to themselves.  That’s right, simply a day off to do whatever she wants.  No cooking, no cleaning, no car-pooling or any other mom duties; nothing, zero, zilch, none.  So, if you are looking for a treasured gift for mom, here you go.  If you want to encourage mom to carve out some quiet time for herself each day, consider a “Be” – Attitudes Kit.
  2. Sleep. It is no secret that most moms are sleep deprived so there should be no astonishment over the fact that she wants to sleep, sleep, sleep.  So, let her!  All day if she wants.  And, this might include an afternoon nap with a good book.  Go here for a list of good reads.
  3. A Clean House. Do this for her.  If the kids are age appropriate, have them pitch in and vacuum, dust, do laundry and straighten up the house.  If not, hire a trustworthy and reliable cleaning service to come do the job.  You can find help on websites like Angie’s List or
  4. Spa Day. Treat her to a day of pampering.  Moms are busy taking care of everyone else so they rarely focus on their own self-care.  Most spa’s offer a Mother’s Day special which includes sought after indulgences like manicures, pedicures, and massages.
  5. A Clean Car. A lot of moms spend hours each day in their car so of course, a clean car ranks right up there with a clean house.  While she sleeps on Mother’s Day take her car to the local car wash and make it beautiful for her.  When she wakes from her slumber, she is sure to be all smiles when she sees her car.
  6. Home Delivery. This can truly be a luxury for mom.  Amazon Mom and Amazon Prime offer free shipping and special deals on things all moms need and use for a small annual fee.  This service can save busy moms hours of time and it makes shopping a breeze.
  7. A Completed Honey Do List. Get the items crossed off of the list.  These are usually small and conquerable matters that can easily be done in an hour or two.  If anything on the list is beyond your talent scope or time availability call a handyman/woman for help.  Once again, you can use Angie’s List or to find reputable providers in your area.
  8. A Home Cooked Meal. Or two!  One of the most frequently asked questions of a mom is, “what’s for dinner?”  Do mom a big favor, go shopping, plan, and prep her favorite dish, set the table, and clean-up afterward while she sits and enjoys the luxury of this thoughtful gesture.  Include a glass of her favorite wine for extra points.
  9. Anything Handmade. Moms love handmade items because it shows that you took the time and put some thought into making something extra special just for her.  Here is a link for making a coupon book that she can redeem whenever she wants and another link to creating a jar filled with “52 Ways You Are The World’s Best Mom”
  10. A Heartfelt Letter. Take time to sit down and write a letter to mom expressing your appreciation of her.  She will love this more than you know and, it is a gift that she can read over and over again.  It will be one of her favorite treasures.

I am hopeful that this list gives you some ideas that will make your mom feel loved and cared for on Mother’s Day.  Please share this with friends and family who would appreciate knowing what Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day.

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