Good-Bye, My Friend

Just when I thought that I had learned a little bit about grace and courage and devotion and never giving up, this fella showed me his mastery of each. Chief was just as beautiful and majestic on the inside as he was on the outside. We said our goodbyes early this morning as a mysterious mist blanketed Painted Sky Ranch.

Letting Go

Although he is no longer with me through this grief, I know for sure that I will sense his loving nearness. I know that I will feel his presence and compassion as he joins Roan and Chief1, and McCourt and Winston and Porkchop as my secret posse guiding and watching over the unfolding of my destiny.
In the days that come, I hope that I can access that place inside of me where dignity lives. The dignity that allows for time to grieve, coupled with the gratitude of being so very blessed.
Drink the wind, my friend. We had one hell of a ride together…thank you, and I love you.