Notice what calls you away from the noise and chaos in the world.  There is sanctity in unbroken silence.  Allow space for things that speak to your heart and do things which give you peace.  There is grace in permitting your life to flow unassisted by your mind and your thinking.  It is only in your thoughts and beliefs that things take on a significance that they don’t have in and of themselves.  Many years ago while attending a weekend seminar the speaker said, “Life is empty and meaningless.”  At the time I did not embrace the wisdom of those simple words.  However, I have come to understand that life and things and events take on the meaning that we give to them….and the meaning that we give to them comes from what we are taught to believe.  Over time, we buy into this personal conditioning and we begin to live ego-centered lives.  I invite you to rid your mind of its clutter, lift the weight of this unnecessary burden and open your heart to the great joy and peace that being present in each and every moment freely offers.  Live gracefully and unencumbered.