Lines In The Sand was an inspirational experience.  I never paused in my race in life with family and career to stop and reflect on life the way I did with Annie during the course.  She leads you on a journey to truly understand your values and purpose in life.  Annie teaches with great thought and fun expression.  You discover, experience and express your life in creative ways during the course.  The important learning for me surrounded the conversations around living in the present.  I discovered I truly neglected this most of my life by constantly planning the future or getting stuck in the past.  You will also learn some wonderful lessons regarding Fear, Control, and your Ego that now truly make a difference in how I lead my life today.  I can honestly say that I learned more about myself and what matters to the true me, not the image or expectations others have of me than I could have imagined.  It was a very liberating and inspiring experience.  I highly recommend Annie’s program to anyone that wants to live a more purposeful and peaceful life. 

-Terri Funk Graham