One of the most compelling Lines in the entire Lines In The Sand course is Line Four: Embrace + Practice Surrender which focuses on decluttering all areas of our life.  Participants in the course come to realize that there is great freedom in surrender.  It is no secret that we live in a world that teaches us that holding on to people, places, circumstances and things will provide us with happiness.  And then we find ourselves in a state of worry and stress over the fact that these things will be lost or taken from us.  This has the potential to create a downward spiral of beliefs which make us question our self-worth because we become more focused on the value of “our things” instead of the value of getting to know who we are and embracing our authenticity.

There is a lot to be said for letting go of anything or anyone that keeps you stuck in the past or a slave to their existence. Holding on to things is ego based. The ego relies on fear to keep going. I invite you to surrender anything in your life that doesn’t serve you. This will make room for all the things that are love based and genuine. Below you will see an article written by Luminita Saviuc, the founder of Purpose Fairy. In this article, Luminita shares 8 Good Reasons Why You Should Let Go of Clutter. She offers some sage advice on how to lighten your load and start enjoying life.

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