I believe that everyday provides us abundant opportunities to feel joy. However the fast-paced world can distract us from recognizing this.  Since we are in the middle of the holiday season I would like to offer some thoughts regarding joy.  Joy is the absence of fear.  Joy is knowing that “more isn’t always better” and we really do have all that we need.  Joy is not achievable when we are over-scheduled, over committed, and overloaded. Only in a joy filled and graceful life can we recognize and honor the possessions that we have, appreciate the real worth of loved ones and others we care for, and value what we do.

This is a wonderful time of the year to do some reflecting and uncluttering. Walk through your house room-by-room, closet-by-closet and ask yourself do these “things” give me joy?  If the answer is yes, keep them, give thanks for them and honor them.  If the answer is no, rid yourself of them.  Donate to charity, have a garage sale, sell them on eBay, but don’t keep them around to suck the joy out of you.
I invite you to do the same in other domains of your life:  Family, Marriage/Relationship, Friends/Acquaintances, Money/Finance, Work/Career/Volunteer, Personal Growth, Learning/Creativity, Physical Health, and Recreation/Leisure.  What gives you joy in each of these areas?  Keep the things that do, dump the things that don’t.  Lighten your load, let go, and make room for the joy!