As the Holy Week ends on this Good Friday before Easter, I invite you to remember that Easter is not about the bunny.
Like many holidays, Easter has become an occasion for commercialization and entertainment. Baskets are filled with candy and other surprises and used as a container to house the found eggs hidden for children’s pleasure.
It is expected that $24 Billion will be spent on Easter-related items. Some of which includes $4 billion on clothes, $7.3 Billion on food, $3.3 billion on candy, and $3.8 billion on gifts.
I urge you to revisit the spiritual essence of this celebration and preserve the profound message behind Easter. Christian belief holds that even though human beings are imperfect and commit sins, God had hope in mankind and thus sent his own son to redeem us from sin. This guy we know as Jesus made a huge sacrifice for us. Please don’t take that lightly.