Renewal – Day 26

It is essential to stay informed. So for those of you who may not be up to speed on what is going on at our southern border, here are some facts:
Since 2020, 5.9 million illegal immigrants have entered our country. The best guess is that there are an additional 1.2 million ‘got aways’ ; illegals who border patrol could not capture or process.
We have caught 136 people who are on our terror watchlist. Who knows how many have gone undetected?
Our government is counting on these people to show up for immigration hearings to be further processed. Very few do. In the meantime, this is causing financial strain on many communities nationwide and capacity strain in our schools. You are paying for this.
The drug and sex traffic cartels are perforating rural communities where they think they will go largely unnoticed. Cartel-related deaths are on the rise, with no relief in sight.
During this same timeframe, 2,788,000 pounds of drugs have been seized. There has been enough fentanyl recovered to kill every single American at least 3 times.
There have been 144,441 fentanyl deaths. It is now the number one cause of death in adults ages 18-54. We are on course to experience 80,000 – 100,000 deaths this year.
If you didn’t know this already, you need to. If this doesn’t concern you, it should. If it hasn’t already affected you, it will.
Be aware. Get informed.