Your Inspired Vision of Yourself

Happy New Year.  I am inviting you to do a project with me.  Carve out some time to do something where you have great clarity.  You may wish to meditate, go for a nature walk, take a beautiful drive, or sit in your favorite chair with your journal.  As yourself the question, “What is my inspired vision of my best self?”  Consider all aspects of your life: Family, Friends, Relationship, Vocation, Physical Health, Mental Health, Money & Finance, Personal Development, and Learning and Creativity.  How do you want each of these areas of your life to look and feel to reflect your best version of yourself?

A Year From Now

Once you have defined with great clarity what your inspired vision of your best self is, sit down and write yourself a letter.  Title the letter, A Year From Now.  Record all that you envision your life to be one year from now.  Write your letter in as much detail as you can.  When you finish the letter, grab an envelope, put the letter in it, and seal the envelope.  Put the letter somewhere safe and make a note in your calendar where you placed the letter.  On this same day in 2021 fetch the letter from its hiding place and find a quiet corner to sit down and read it.  See what happens.  What manifested as a result of your declaration and clarity? I think you will be surprised!

Stay true and be you —


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