Habit 6 of Joyful, Successful, and Content People:

We know that failure is part of our success. If you are not willing to fail, then you likely won’t experience success to any significant degree. There is absolutely nothing wrong or shameful about failing. It is a key element to success. Oh, and by the way, show me someone who hasn’t made a mistake in their life or failed at something…I wouldn’t want to be them!

A Failure Lab

A friend of mine has suggested the idea of a failure lab.  What does that mean?  Well, here is an example.  If all the scientist working on curing disease would gather together and share all of their failures, it would speed up the process because others would not be repeating experiments that have previously failed.  We have become conditioned that failure is a bad thing when in reality it is all the failures in our lives that ultimately lead to our success.

Embrace Failure

Let’s agree to embrace failure.  If this is where our winning comes from, why not celebrate each ‘so-called’ failure as a stepping stone to our success?  I have never learned as much when things are going well in my life as when there are some struggle and a few fails.

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