Talk To Yourself In The Mirror

Joyful, triumphant, and content people make it a frequent practice to talk to themselves in the mirror.  Are they crazy? No.  Research has shown that there are many valuable benefits of talking to yourself in the mirror.  So what do they say?  Well here are  seven things that people who experience more joy, success, and contentment in their living say to themselves:

1.  There are no mistakes.  Only lessons.

These folks have come to know that making mistakes is part of life.  Their viewpoint is that errors are their pathway to learning and success.  Also, these folks are more content in their lives because they accept the fact that mistakes are often gifts.  They take things in stride and don’t get bogged down in negative thoughts or self-talk.

2.  They are clear about why they started a project or adventure.

They remind themselves often of why they started down a path to begin with, whether it is starting a business, writing a book, entering into a relationship, or planning a trip.  They consistently check in with their decision to commit in the first place.  They also enjoy the growth that comes along with the project or adventure.

3.  They encourage themselves to get it right before they start.

It is much easier to get it right to begin with than it is to right the ship after it has sailed.  They spend the time to think through the details on the front end of a decision.  They don’t rush to a result.  Instead, they patiently and precisely plan out the path to success.

4.  They don’t compare themselves to others.

Instead, they remind themselves that they believe in who they are and that they are not counting on others for approval.  They now that comparison can be a dead end to a good idea.  It doesn’t matter what others think of them or what they are doing.  They are committed to staying focused and believing in their vision.

 5.  Everything is figure-out-able.

They know if they stick with something long enough that they will figure out how to succeed.  They don’t plan for failure, they plan for obstacles along the way.  They repeat to themselves often, “I will figure this out.”

6.  They know what they don’t know.

And, they are okay with this.  They work hard to learn all that they don’t know.  They are comfortable not having all the answers.  In fact, they thrive on this because this is where their learning comes from.

7.  Everything that exists today was created by someone no smarter than me.

They believe that there is room for improvement.  The state of things is dynamic, and they are willing to be a disrupter, the one who comes up with the next good idea.  They are confident in their abilities, but not arrogant.  In their mind, all things are possible.

Talk to Yourself In The Mirror

Jump on board.  Embrace this habit of profoundly joyful, triumphant, and content people.  Who knew that talking to yourself in the mirror could be such a mighty life hack?  Grab a mirror and start talking.

Stay true and be you —


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