Day 29 – March Theme: Grateful

I don’t care who you are; gratitude is in order if you had the good fortune to be born in this country.
It saddens me to see the values-based living and tradition that this country was founded on be walked upon more and more each day.
We have traded wholesomeness for wokeness. We have changed a sovereign nation into a lawless free for all. We have traded energy independence for ‘electric vehicles’ powered by cobalt and lithium batteries mined by women and children in the Congo.
Instead of respect and honor for our police and first responders, it has become okay to throw bottles at them and spit on them.
Private property is vandalized and burned to the ground to satisfy the entitled. China and Russia are taking advantage of our weak leadership. People would rather hate someone than embrace strong and viable policies.
Families don’t sit down and have dinner together. Instead, everyone is in their corner with their face buried in a device that contains more bullshit than goodness.
Many of the men and women who have served our country are homeless and in need of mental health resources, while our tax dollars go to housing illegal aliens in hotels and providing them with free healthcare and college.
Children as young as three years old undergo irreversible surgeries because they ‘identify as the opposite sex’ before they can read and write.
Children are being killed by people with mental health challenges. Guns aren’t the problem.
Unproven vaccines are forced on people who don’t want to take them. If they don’t, they are fired from their position as doctors, nurses, first responders, professional athletes, or military personnel. Yet thousands of people walk across our border daily, breaking the law and going ‘untested and unvaccinated.
I know these words won’t sit well with some, but I don’t care. I am tired of it. I am proud to be an American. I love this country, and I feel so fortunate to live here.
I hope others will join in with appreciation for what we have and start getting informed before it’s too late.