I have grown fond of choosing a theme for each month of the year. It gives me the chance to experience each month as a mini-year.
I have chosen COURAGE as my theme for February. You can call it what you want as some badass synonyms include: bravery, daring, daringness, dauntlessness, fearlessness, gallantry, greatheartedness, guts, gutsiness, heart, moxie, nerve, valor, and virtue. Each word has its unique allure of strength and certainty.
The past few years have been challenging. A worldwide pandemic burst its way onto the scene and radically disrupted the lives of almost everyone on the planet. I have coined it as the “Big Reveal.” The virus exposed where dysfunction existed in individuals, couples, families, businesses, and communities around the globe. Politicians, scientists, media, the WHO, and CDC abundantly handed out fear like Halloween candy. The fear ignited panic, which led to the storming of grocery stores, the closing down of schools, restaurants, and other non-essential establishments, and hundreds of millions of people working and learning from home.
In the beginning, the so-called experts told us to be patient, give it two weeks, and then we could get on with life as we knew it. Two weeks turned into six, six turned into ten, and then weeks turned into months. The virus boldly confronted our courage and gave us ample time to marinate in unforeseen worry, concern, anxiety, and uncertainty. As a result, people lost loved ones, businesses, educations, relationships, homes, and jobs.
Any one of these can bring a heaviness that feels insurmountable. Recovery is slow at best, and it takes a lifetime in some cases. However, in the face of the circumstances of the last two years, I want to promote the idea of taking our courage back. Let’s bolster up those fragile parts of us with the audacity to remember our original structure. Honor the sacred awareness of self that is readily available to us when invited to the forefront.
Please join me.
Be COURAGEOUS enough to…
honor your worthiness
be yourself, always
tell the truth about everything
say I love you
leave the soul-sucking job
start a business
go back to school
follow your heart
surround yourself with masterful people
make the call
write the letter
put your phone down
sit quietly by yourself
trust your gut
step away from toxic relationships
stop comparing yourself to others
admit when you are wrong
accept compliments with a simple Thank You
celebrate your small victories
and MOST importantly…