Holiday Survival Guide

In this episode, Katie shares tips on how to manage your eating during the holidays.

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1. What are your goals? Write out and check-in with them often.

2. Plan out your activities. Stay connected to how food makes you feel. Will the 3rd glass of wine leave you with a hangover, do you have a holiday run that you want to perform well on, etc.

3. Be as consistent as possible, but don’t over-stress. If you wake up and exercise, keep that routine.

4. Plan active time with family and friends.

a. Run group – create an activity or challenge.

b. Post dinner walk, morning yoga, flag football

c. FRESH Air

Dealing with Holiday Parties

1. Eat before you go

2. Bring a vegetable dish

3. Drink water, hot water, sparkling water with a splash of

4. EAT Seated, EAT SLOW & Chew your food.

5. Be mindful of liquid calories and alcohol.

How about some tips for people who are traveling during the holidays?

1. Do your research and know where to shop and lookup
some healthy restaurants.

2. Pack some snacks

3. When you get to your destination, you do the shopping.

4. Stay hydrated

5. Perfection is a myth. Do your best.

6. Remember, the “wagon” is all in your head. You’re not
falling off anything take it one meal at a time and move
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