Day 8 – March Theme: Grief

I don’t know about you, but it has become abundantly clear to me that many people are suffering from the death of peace.
It shows up as distraction-seeking habits.
Friedrich Nietzsche is quoted as saying: “We seek out distractions in order to stay mentally busy, so we can avoid facing up to the big questions–like whether we’re living genuinely meaningful lives.”
What are the sources of your distraction? What are you allowing to steal your peace?
Is it your so-called SmartPhone? Video games? Noisy and agitating work or living environment? Toxic relationships?
Are you committed to gaining back some peace?
Are you willing to practice self-reflection, where you define your values and priorities?
Will you manage your environment by decluttering your home, creating a relaxing quiet place, and designing a work environment that eliminates distractions?
Will you discipline yourself to take technology breaks? Put the phone down, turn off the TV, and put the devices away.
Have you created a structured routine that clearly specifies blocks of time to check email, look at social media and respond to or send texts?
Are you willing to say NO to people, places, and things that distract you and upend your contentment?
Here’s the good news. You get to decide. If you want peace, choose it. Take action. Be disciplined and devoted.
Peace be with you, my friend.