With every choice we make, we create our life.  I invite you to not make trouble for yourself.  The only meaning that events or situations have is the meaning that you give to them.  We have all been around people who seem to attract or create a significant amount of drama in their lives.  And yet, they are often the first to complain about how crazy and out of control their world is, never taking a moment to realize they are the one choosing the chaos.  Decisions become easy to make when we ask ourselves good questions.  The first question to consider asking yourself is, “will this decision give me peace?”  If not, then don’t chose it.  The second question to ask is, “am I making this decision from my heart?”  Choices and decision made from the heart create no damage because they come from love and allow for joyful living.  The alternative is to allow the ego to get involved and when the ego is involved fear raises it’s ugly head.  Fear based decisions don’t serve you, they trouble you!  The choice is yours.  It always has been and always will be.