Morning Shadow

Early on Sunday morning, I was walking back to my house from the barn after I fed my horses. My constant companion and handsome Austrailian Sheperd, Twosocks was by my side enjoying the scents of the new day. As we walked along, I noticed our shadows. The rays of first light cast our silhouettes against the ground making us look taller than we are. Thinner too. I stopped to consider our profiles that were interrupting the waves of radiance gracing our sunrise stroll.

A Metaphor For Life

Our shadows are a metaphor for life. Similar to a tall building providing shade from the sun on a hot day, we too can offer relief to someone who might be having a challenging day. The sun that isn’t blocked by that lofty structure can also provide warmth on a day when there is a chill in the air. We too can step out of the way and grant comfort and warmness to someone in need.

Be The Light or The Shade

I urge you to put pauses in your day that allow you to be aware of yourself and those around you. Supply enthusiasm, affection, and kindness in a world that is fast-paced and chaotic. Make an effort to improve ones day because their path crossed with yours. Do things that bring you joy. Hold the space for others to feel appreciated by you. Shine bright when someone needs your light. Courageously step in and exude the coolness and comfort so desperately desired by those who are suffering from the ‘heat.’ Your shadow knows. Let it be a reminder of the importance of your being in the world.

Stay true and be you —


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