What do you want?
Have you ever stopped to consider that your lack of contentment comes from not clarifying what you want in your life?
If we don’t take the time to ask and answer, “what do I want in my life?”, we can spend much time chasing after the next shiny object. And we must make sure that we declare what WE want, not what we think others want us to want.
So take some time today and write down what you want in these domains of your life:
1. Relationship with spouse/partner
2. Friendships
3. Physical health
4. Mental health
5. Spiritual health
6. Finances
7. Vocation/hobbies/volunteer efforts
8. Personal growth
9. Learning & Creativity
10. Self-care
How do you want to feel and be and experience these areas of your life? Of course, as you evolve through your life, what you want will change or be rearranged; nothing wrong with that, but your clarity will bring you contentment.