Join me in a digital detox. Put your phone down.
Studies have been done, and there is plenty of evidence that spending a lot of time on your Smartphone increases your stress level and can negatively affect your mental health. This is especially true for kids age 18 and younger. Here are some facts:
*Most mobile phone users check their phones up to 63 times daily.
*Americans spend an average screen time of 5.4 hours on their mobile phones daily.
*Currently, there are 294.15 million smartphone users in America.
*Social media accounts for 2 hours and 24 minutes of global internet time spent online by an average user daily.
*13% of millennials spend over 12 hours on their phones daily.
*Baby Boomers spend 5 hours using their phones.
*Millennials spend 48 minutes texting every day.
Use the weekend to take a break from the digital jungle. Be mindful of your phone use. Imagine what you could get done in the hours you waste on social media, video games, and overall cell phone use.
I have created a wallpaper for your phone. You can follow the link below and download it for FREE. It is a gentle reminder for us to be intentional when we are using our phones. If you are serious about Cultivating Contentment, you will put your phone down and start being present for yourself and the people you love.
Let’s do this!