Take responsibility.
Have you ever heard anyone say, “I will be happy when…”?
I get the house, the car, the guy, the girl, the raise, the whatever…
Maybe you have said it.
I am inviting you to consider that there is no one or nothing responsible for your happiness.
That’s on you.
If you want flowers, plant a garden.
If you want to be treated special, take yourself to lunch, a movie, or a massage.
Call an elderly family member and talk with them if you feel lonely. They are likely lonely too.
If you want adventure, take yourself on a trip of a lifetime.
If you want a hug, hug someone.
Don’t wait. There is no time for that.
Go stand in front of a mirror. Look that person square in the eyes, and take responsibility for yourself. And then…start living the shit out of life!
I promise, you will then be content.