What Advice Would You Give To Your Younger Self?

I had the honor and privilege to have Adrian Buckaroogirl Brannan as my podcast guest last week.  One of the many questions I asked her was, ‘what advice would you give to your younger self’?  We had a nice chat about bravery, and courage, and worthiness.  I ask you the same question, ‘what is your best advice to your younger self?  You have some years, and experiences, and people, and places under your belt now.  You are wiser for the way life has come at you and how you handled it, or not.  You are more mature in your being and hopefully wiser too.

Our Belief System

Generally, until we are at least twelve years old the beliefs we develop are passed along to us by people who care for and watch over us, likely our parents.  And since we don’t have the resources or maturity to sort out how we feel about these beliefs that are instilled in us, we unknowingly agree to accept them as true.  As we evolve into adulthood we can then have a second look at the agreements we have made and decide if we want to make different agreements with ourselves and others.  That would be my advice to my younger self: Look back on all that you have agreed on over the years and determine where you want to redesign your agreements.


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