Manage Your Vibration

I have often said that I am a vibration snob.  What do I mean by this?  Well, I practice thinking positive, joyful, and high energy thoughts.  I watch my words, disciplining myself to speak in a way that adds good energy and value to conversations.  All of this is part of managing my vibration.  Have you ever been around someone who sucks the energy right out of you?  You know the one who is always looking at their world as the glass is half empty.  Their energy and way of being are draining and heavy.  Then there is the person that lights up a room.  The life of the party, everything is good and getting better.  Their high vibrating energy lifts your spirits and brings you joy.  And, the best news about this person is that their energy is authentic.  It is simply who they are.

Be A High Flyer

As you go through your days, pay attention to the vibration you are emitting out to the world.  And, just as importantly, don’t allow yourself to lower your energy to a lower level.  Don’t plug into people, places, or things that are at your same vibration of higher.  If you find yourself in a low vibrating state, then you must do something to change how you feel about things.  Do something that makes you feel good and that inspires good thoughts and deeds.  Be the one who lights up a room!

Stay true and be you —


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